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Arm Workouts | Arm injuries and ways to prevent it.

Arm Workouts | Arm injuries and ways to prevent it.

It is well known that the arm is more muscle that essentially 
In all exercises and arm workouts of the most important but also our daily lives and so we must be maintained 
And protect it from various injuries and here we address the subject of the most important topics on this point 
Namely, arm injuries

Most injuries that afflict arm: 

1# Wrist

Arm Workouts

When an injury occurs to him chest exercise weights are very large, especially when you use a tight grip less than shoulder level 

And is linked to the protection of the tourniquet when initiating performance of such exercises 

And when you are suffering from playing exercises and the focal position of the Bay, especially when the performance of large weights and climb hardly absorbed several seconds as a result of the inability to lift the weight too quickly to avoid linking the bond of pressure. 

Note: Do not fasten the pressure is always only in groups recently and which is characterized by using the weights of large then the jaw because he just protects the joint and determines the range of motion, it also reduces the amount of blood that reaches the joint, and this with the time and length of use kills to weaken the joint and the ligaments and same for the facility do not want to re-speak. 

Exercise ( Arm Workouts ) wrist injury as a result of grinding the bar for the front bolts as a result of the huge weights of course, prefer to wear leather belt is a small 

Roll on the wrist and the bar itself to the provisions of the movement and also if necessary wrapped tourniquet

The second arm injuries months:

 2# Annex (elbow)

Arm Workouts

Of course the holy complained it sometime in general get a lot of exercises push the bar of the chest and take precautions from the aforementioned heat and wear elbow ligament or compressor in heavy groups. 

Also exercises triceps more exercises injury to the elbow, especially in a sitting position as a result of tensile happens to the muscles in these situations and to avoid this injury, lack of access by weight of phase zero at the bottom of the movement so as not to move the weight of the muscle to the knuckle means always feel that your muscles are what weight-bearing and not joint. 

Exercise also lats) singles elbow hurts if weight control without a large stage down to you in the last movement was quick, if you strain the elbow heavily blighted much as if you take off part of the upper arm portion is connected to your forearm.

Exercise also likely zigzag bar from a prone position for Trey when you get down very quickly and stop came as a result of the lack of space for movement of the forearm rubs against another IM. 

And can be summarized most of the injuries elbow inevitable result and directly to non-performance exercise controlled and performance of an adverse movement of the movement phase down very quickly and being this also exercise pivot of eBay either dumbbells or a bar Many are the movement of stupid too and is down quickly to exploit the backlash when it reaches the bar to the stage from scratch, he can reverse the movement and weight lifting and all these people complain of pain in the elbow joint, without a doubt, even if denied because he simply destroys attached only to show off 

And injury occur to the outer part of the annex to the bottom of  biceps as a result of the performance of exercise Aviation lateral weight significantly, forcing the player to move the torso forward and backward to be able to perform the movement 

All of these injuries treated with the formation of one: 

The first 48 hours of injury put snow place then follows that the work of hot compresses to the place of injury for a period ranging between 2 to 5 days if there is a possibility for training wear ligament pressure or Ligament forearms as available 

And non-performance of angles that happen to them and if pain and inevitably has to be performed is small weights and slowly rise three Frequencies 

And repeat down twice to fatigue the muscle without the detailed course with full control of the movement 

If the injury was advanced means no change to the color of the skin, and place of the injury and the presence of swelling must visit a specialist because he often after the disappearance of the swelling will be splinted or Splinting joint. 

Treatments injuries arm muscles will be mostly massages or ultrasonic waves and red rays to increase the flow of blood to the affected area. 

And therapeutic exercises are all regular exercise Relay which we practice the arm but very light weights with access to more than 20 occurrences of repetition.

Arm Workout | Great Arms.

Arm Workout | Great Arms.

Arm Workout | Great Arms.

First let me tell you that is divided into parts arm: biceps, triceps and forearms. When he says a huge weapons, most common image that comes to mind is the huge biceps and triceps. What I am saying is that most people neglect the forearms when working, while in fact, a huge forearm in addition to the overall brightness of the weapon. Imagine how it will look like the members of the biceps and your triceps and weapons of massive arm workouts, but very small. 
Arm Workout

Training procedures for various arm target different parts of the weapon. Often the training sessions focused more on the biceps and triceps because it is being bent in competitions. In this piece, and will focus on the arm workout for the forearms. Correctly by performing the following exercises will certainly bring you a well-toned arms and impressive that you want. Did you see the arms of Bob? Well, that's more like it.
Arm workouts

Arm workouts 1 (dumbbell curl seated wrist) 

- Sit on the bench and rest your forearms on the thighs.
- Hold the bar with palms up toward the ceiling.
- Let your wrists and stretching to the ground.
- Curl your wrists toward you using the power of the forearm.
- Hold for a few seconds, then reduce the weight down to the original position.
Arm Workout

Arm Workouts  2 (rear iron Curl) 

- Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
- Take a dumbbell with both hands, palms down.
- Start with your arms hanging at full extension.
- Curl the bar until it is parallel to the ground.
- Keep stuck on your side and you frequency elbows exercise.

Arm Workouts 3 (Pins wrist iron) 

- Holding two dumbbells in the wrist in the grip of the arm.
- Turn your wrists and slowly turn your palms.
- Exercise your arm across the range of motion.
4 engine arm of the meeting (unlike cable braids)
- Attach a straight bar or EZ cable reel below and select a weight that you want to use it on the stack.
- Hold the bar fist arm, shoulder width apart.
- Curl bar slowly as far as you can reach.
- Hold for a few seconds, lowering the weight back to the starting point.
- Repeat at least 10 to 12 repetitions.
Meeting engine arm: a large weapons...